Being Ready

I have to conclude that readiness is a state of mind, though things on the outside can influence the mind.
As of a week ago our house was still a mess. M had started renos on the back room. Essential for the winter (poorly insulated), but in the process we were dealing with an unfinished room, its contents scattered around the rest of the house. The kitchen drawers weren’t in yet either, so our counters and other spots were still full of kitchen things. Bedroom full of clothes as I’m between maternity and post-mat clothes, and no space for baby. No room to relax, do yoga, meditate, or opportunity to nest.

My stress over this might be “natural” but is still by choice. And pushing full speed ahead to get everything done and ready creates its own stress even while things get done. Finding that balance – doing what feels needed while being okay with how things are – is a constant learning experience.

Now, just over a week later, things are completely different around here. The back room is FINISHED. The kitchen drawers, installed. The things that were littering the rest of the house have been sorted, purged and put away. With my mom’s help we did a good clean-out of the place. Mom also helped hem the curtains we bought for windows that needed covering – 6 measured and hemmed in 2 hours, good time! Most of them are up, too. We have what we need for the birth. The freezer is full of food. M fixed the washing machine (which broke last Thursday – brilliant timing!).

There are still things that “need” doing, or that I want done. Still some curtains to hang. The floors to mop. Baby bed to build. Thermostats to set (my task, which I’ve been putting off for days). But bit by bit they’re getting done. And the more important part is, we know that we would be fine whatever state we’re in, as long as our attitudes are in the right place. So we’re taking today, Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend, to sleep in, relax, putter, nap, and take care of ourselves – also a “need” that can be ignored as we get everything else done.

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