Space for Baby

At long last! We’re creating physical spaces in our home for our sweet little wiggler. This past Saturday we finally fully tackled the office – the place had been overcrowded, cluttered and disorganized with papers, books and supplies from both me and M. Not good for efficient work, and not a place I loved being in. We’ve been working at it a bit over the past month or so – my major contribution was a massive clear-out of my paper files, emptying one full drawer of a deep filing cabinet (oh yay! Want to get rid of MORE stuff!) and slowly moving things from the closet.
Last week we went through the office and made a list of the supplies we’d need to set up M’s home office, and Saturday after First Aid we stopped by Staples and picked them ALL up. Yes, all of them – we (or I) decided it was worth spending the money, $80ish in this case, to do this right. After crashing out that afternoon, we spent 5 hours Saturday evening sorting, purging, organizing. We set up the bottom 2 drawers of the filing cabinet, one for M’s work, one for our extra office supplies. I took my remaining things out of the closet, got rid of most of them and moved the rest. M took out his old camera equipment to sell. We created boxes and folders (and most importantly, a system) for M to track jobs. We organized and consolidated office supplies (including my miscellaneous supplies in several locations), consolidated books, and cleared and filed extra papers.

Sunday was cleaning day: M cleaned the whole space thoroughly. We were able to move out a mini cupboard – that then became our baby storage area!! So Sunday I pulled out ALL the boxes of baby things we had and finally had the chance to sort and organize. Put another wash through, and by late yesterday, had most of the baby things piled or filed (older clothes we won’t use yet). It makes a huge difference psychologically to have a space for baby’s things. It also makes it possible for me to see what the gaps are. I hope to fill those in over the next week – and then truly be ready for baby.

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