Learning for Baby: First Aid

M & I went to our second course of the week – St. John Ambulance course called “Save That Child” – basic first aid for infants and children. It had been a while since either of us took a first aid course, so it was a very helpful refresher. We reviewed how to deal with choking and no breathing for both infants and toddlers; the ABCs to check (airway; breathing; circulation) and how to use chest compressions and CPR to either restore these basic functions or keep someone going until help arrives; basics of emergency scene management (state that you know first aid; call for help; keep the area calm; keep your words positive and encouraging). We also quickly reviewed cuts and burns, shock, and the need to get people to a hospital for a proper check-up after an incident.
We had a few good take-aways as well from the course. We’re working to get a good first aid kit together for our house; I’ve hung up a first aid poster they gave us by the phone, with all the important numbers; and we are thinking more strongly about baby proofing and prevention. Just to tie it all together again: I do believe our heavy de-cluttering and simplifying will make the baby proofing a lot easier, though I know there are lots of other hazards to watch out for.

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