Sunday Back-up

Sunday started slowly but built up pace as we moved through the day. Particularly after dinner, as we kept motoring through tasks until almost 10:00 at night. I found it quite challenging to relax and be okay with a slower pace during the day, as we had ambitious and necessary plans to get a lot of work done during the day. Baby’s coming! Things to do! Fortunately I stayed calm, and in the end we accomplished a good portion of what we needed.
One task I finally caught up on was backing up my laptop. It is such a chore that I usually avoid it. Why is it a chore? Well, it seems to take forever. And in fact, took well over an hour – maybe close to 2, in fact. I back up to 3 different memory sticks, and the folder configuration on each one is different. This time I finally simplified my file system, and set it on all the sticks. By the end of the process I was sick of it and on edge. However, I hope and expect that next time will be better and easier. I even labeled the sticks with little sticky stickers – yay! – Backup #1, 2 and then my random one for transporting files. I can see this working well for me.

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