In a combination of coincidence and good planning, a whole stack of movies I requested at the library have become available in the past week. So, as part of my work/prep/relaxation/just because time, I’ve been watching a lot more videos than usual. You are only permitted to take out 2 adult popular films at a time, which means heading back to the library every day or two to swap out videos. That has a hidden bonus, though, as it’s about 5 blocks away so I have a good excuse to add a bit more walking into my daily routine.
Last night, after work and Pink Kit and other obligations, we settled in to unwind with “Land of the Lost.” That was the only movie so far that I would categorize as “a big mistake.” Truly one of the worst films either of us has seen, from the concept through the acting, dialogue, special effects, humour, and onwards. After about 20 minutes we both were ready to turn it off and turn out the lights.

Who knows, maybe that’s why I’m awake so early today!

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