Yesterday was a wonderful, restful, home-based indulgent day. Delightful!
M got a call in the morning to go mountain biking with friends, and I encouraged him to go. That left me home for a number of hours and I read a book – cover to cover, what a treat! (this is in addition to finishing the book I started last night. 2 books in a weekend – my kind of weekend!). We made some lunch when Mick got home, then relaxed some more – I did some miscellaneous cleaning, which felt good, and mom came by. We both felt like something sweet (that battle goes on) so I made cookies, for the first time in YEARS, and we watched Fame (for the record, M helped with the last stage of cookie-making).

Then more relaxing, and movie #2 – Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back. I snuck a walk in, with a pause to visit friends/someone who may be our doula for the birth. M took pictures of some more of the items we have for sale. Then home, dinner, the rest of the movie, and bed.

Ahh!!! I feel very relaxed today, and ready to get moving, which I already have (sorted glass jars we got yesterday & washed lids; folded laundry; sort of maternity/post-maternity clothes; list of tasks for next few days; and now on to the Pink Kit).

Relaxation pays off, I tell you!

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