Yard Work

Last night we actually managed to get in about 2 hours of yard work. I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated and hopeless because there’s so much to do and I just don’t have the energy to tackle it. So it was a real treat to see what a difference a couple of hours can make. Hubby did the heavy work and was out there longer, but I was able to do quite a bit too – pulling barrel-fulls of weeds before they go to seed, planting things and helping plan out what to do next.
We are re-doing the bed in front of our bedroom window. The vegetables we planted there barely grew, so we had to accept that it just doesn’t get enough light to make it worthwhile as a garden plot. We’re planning it now as an ornamental bed, with two big ornamental bushes at the ends and a Russian sage in the middle. M built up the edge with another couple rows of bricks and it looks so much better!! It’s substantial and a strong feature, not a messy mess.

We also expanded one of our decorative beds – it’s mainly succulents, low-water plants with a lilac bush behind. It was being invaded by suckers from the hazelnut tree, and the shape didn’t really allow it to look substantial. We expanded it, and M started a rock path back behind the bed – with more rocks we can connect that up, and then circle the lilac and rose bush. Lovely! I went looking for thyme seed today to fill in between the rocks. No luck yet, but we will find it and get that part of the yard settled.

Have plans for more work, but not tonight. Too tired (previous post). But I will definitely pull the garlic and some beets in the near future, and plant out more vegetables in the open spots.

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