Mat Leave:

I can’t wait. Boy oh boy I have been tired the last two days. I’ve had late starts because of appointments so I’ve been able to sleep in until 7:30 or later. I’ve reinstituted naps in the middle of the day in my office – 30 minutes on Tuesday, almost an hour today. and I’m getting to bed at a half-decent hour (at least half decent). But yes. At the end of the day I’m wiped and largely dysfunctional. After getting home from work today I’ve crashed in front of the TV eating chips, salsa & guac. I tried napping but it’s kind of too hot, so now I’m soaking my feet in cold water to cool off.
Mm, 4.5 more weeks of work!! With days off, actually, only 18 more days (!). Wow …  amazing. I am definitely excited to get more work done, so I really hope my energy kicks in.

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