Updates to baby list

My mom and I went to my sister’s baby shower this weekend – fun!! It was good to see people I know, to spend time with my sister, and talk about babies. My mom was nice enough to drive the whole way so I got to snooze coming and going – totally essential, given how early morning wake-ups are becoming more frequent.
I’ve updated my want/need list for baby somewhat:

Books: Hold on to your kids

Sheepskin rug

All-natural baby hairbrush

Baby board books

Don’t need: nasal aspirator; digital thermometer

For diapers we’re now looking at prefolds with good diaper covers (probably the Bummis but we’ll see). I think we’re pretty open as long as it’s cloth and doesn’t cost too much.

I”m wiped again from a Monday at work. It was a good day – we got an initiative launched which I hope will wrap up by the end of summer (research and a new website for students – yay for collaboration!) and I got lots of edits done for the campaign website (human rights campaign, not election campaign) that we need to have up in the next few weeks. But still, midday naps are so essential. I’m bringing back my mat and pillows to my office tomorrow.

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