I don’t even have the energy to give this post a capital letter. t-i-r-e-d. It’s Wednesday, half way through a productive week. So far this week I’ve begun changing my work style (Thank you 4-hour workweek), finished a report I’d been avoiding, took action on transferring my US mutual funds to Canada, took care of details, details for my mat leave replacement, attended an extended training session at work, listed my first item to sell on amazon.ca, finally sent a complaint/inquiry letter to the local library about all the books they keep losing or damaging and blaming me for, and cooked two good meals (2 is enough – had nachos tonight for dinner). I’ve been getting to bed at 9 or 10 something, but obviously that’s not enough. Getting out of bed 7:45ish … but still not enough. A midday nap would be great, but that is hard to figure out in my office space. So I drive home from work pretty wiped, try to sleep but can’t, watch Dharma & Greg, get some work done, spend time with M if at all possible (he’s working late tonight) and crash. By Friday night, i’m out of it. Though I’d love to, I doubt I’ll make blueberry picking this Friday (the first of the season on the only organic blueberry farm in this area!! Oh I’d love to go, but if I can’t stay upright it won’t go well. And it will probably be hot hot hot, given the weather lately).
So now it’s 8:24, I’ve done some computer stuff I”m thrilled with, I”m going to wash up, air out the house (hot hot hot!), finish a D&G episode, and crash.

I love you cutie stretchy baby!! Thanks for the nice foot moves!

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