New life

Marriage is one of the most miraculous things I’ve ever experienced. Two people who were complete strangers get to know each other, grow to love each other, commit to each other and build a family. They now wake up in bed together, clean the house together, count up receipts and money, plan meals, make friends, spend time with family, talk with each other about problems, laugh about things funny and stupid, and create a life and home as a team. And sometimes, they even create a new life.
This morning M told the baby, “only 60 or so days until you’re here with us!” It might be a bit more than that, but it was shocking to realize that life as we know it will change dramatically, forever. We definitely gave serious thought to having a child, but howevermuch we thought and planned, there is no way we could have really understood (I don’t think) the impact of a child on our lives. A little dependent human is about to come live with us. We will be 100% responsible for his or her well-being. We will start planning, traveling, shopping, cooking, and spending all our time creating a life that incorporates the 3 of us, not just 2. Of course, we will need time for us as a couple, and for each of us as individuals, but even with that the basic rules will change. And though I speculate on it, I still, again, have no idea what that will be like.

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