Letting Go

= something I have had a hard time doing lately. I don’t know if it’s hormones or just a character flaw, but lately I’ve been getting
1) Really angry really quickly over things people do that I think are wrong or unjust (particularly if they affect ME!). Example: Bus driver pulls up today late at the university – there’s a long line-up of buses, it’s a busy time of day – and after waiting for a few seconds in a spot quite far from where he usually waits, TAKES OFF WITHOUT ME!! That bus comes only once an hour! How ridiculously unprofessional!!

2) Really frustrated with myself when I do something I consider to be a “mistake.” Example: I bought a bus pass on Wednesday for July, then today bought a parking pass for the rest of the summer – because with the bus schedule I’m tired, it’s inconvenient, etc. etc. WASTE OF MONEY!! HOW COULD I?!

I am trying deep breathing, stepping back for perspective, getting exercise (minimal but some), praying, etc. … but my bad attitude is not budging quickly. I’m grateful for an understanding husband who soothes me, and the recognition that beating myself and others up for things that happen is not what I want. Acceptance and compassion will make for a much happier life and world. And when baby comes … acceptance will probably be a big, useful virtue.

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