Birthing Alternatives

The day after M headed out of town for work I was lounging on my couch, wiped out from work and lonely. A house without M is no fun at all! Distracting TV on, Frasier to fill in the time and emptiness. Then our midwife called to report on the ultrasound results – all good, all normal, everything looks great! Though we’d seen it on the pictures it was a relief to hear it from her. And then (possibly after I complained about how lonely it was without M) she offered to pick me up for an evening session she was attending on birthing alternatives. Much better option!
The evening was 4 presentations on different approaches to birth: doulas; acupressure; TENS (similar to the electric pads that you get a physio for sore muscles – relieve pain) and hypnobirthing. They all sounded great!

Then they drew for the door prize. I’d put my name in because free stuff is good. And lucky me – first prize! Gift certificate to sneak-a peek ultrasound!

“Oh, thanks, actually I don’t think I’ll use it … you can draw another name,” I let the nice friendly woman at the front know. Beside me our nice midwife was laughing – she had been sure my name would be called, and we both knew I wouldn’t take it! We’d had our one medically required ultrasound – we are not into doing any more exams on baby if they’re not necessary. But the woman was super nice and offered me second prize – which was what I’d wanted in the first place – a gift certificate for a local baby store. Yay!!

Then I went and played with an adorable dog with satellite ears by the front door.

Good ending to the night.

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