Woke up feeling sickish this morning – not nauseous, but the tired, throat a bit sore, pre-sick feeling I know means I need to rest. I slept in a bit more and skipped my ride and caught the bus a bit later (not so late – 9:15) to get to work by 10. I seriously considered staying home because I know warding off sickness is a really good thing, but I had two meetings and didn’t want to reschedule. Pushing myself too hard or just realistic about work? I don’t know.
I felt tiredish most of the day, but then during my meeting at 2:30 started to feel worse – a bit dizzy and out of it. And then I started getting periodic throbbing pains in the right side of my head. Not good, and a bit scary since sudden headaches are a potential warning sign in pregnancy. I sipped some water and when it didn’t stop, told the person I was meeting with and asked to continue at another time. I called my midwife who suggested I head home right away and rest. My blood pressure has been consistently low, so she wasn’t very worried, but she offered to stop by later that evening to check in on me.

I caught the bus home and crawled into bed. Missing M – out of town this week for work – I really really don’t like it when he’s not here. Head continued to throb, but I felt more peaceful and rested. Phone rang – M calling!!! We talked for a while and I felt much better. I puttered around after that, got something to drink, wandered outside, chatted with the neighbour (really great to have good neighbours who look out for each other!), did some laundry, made supper. The midwife came by and my bloodpressure looked fine. She mentioned that there are some low pressure systems in the area and I remembered that I tend to get exhausted and headachy when the pressure changes. That’s probably it!

Relaxed; ate; dishwasher; episode of Gilmore Girls; paid 2 bills; now going to bed. Tomorrow’s another day and I’d love to have the energy for it!

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