Today we met baby! Sweet adorable smart strong intelligent little cutie! Sweet and adorable is a given for such a little wiggly being. Smart we learned about today: when M said hello to baby on the screen, baby waved back!! And definitely strong, seen in the powerful kicks last night in bed and today at the appointment.
The experience was so significantly better than our last attempt at an ultrasound. The attendants at the counter were friendly, smiley and helpful. When they called my name and the two of us walked back they treated it as if it were … good heavens … NORMAL! And our technician was lovely: very friendly and smiling, quick and professional but also welcoming and human and answered questions for us.

Seeing how comfortable yet professional the experience was, I wonder with even more bewilderment WHY the clinic in town deems it more professional and advisable that the woman be alone while her baby is being viewed and measured. Thinking about what the experience felt like, I can’t imagine doing it differently: having my husband beside me, holding my hand, seeing our baby move for the first time, checking out the adorable spine, the long femur, the strongly beating heart. I think M understood the images better than I did, and it is so great to know that my partner in this process has such a clear image now of what is happening inside my body and had this chance to bond in yet another way with our growing child.

Though twins would have been exciting I think we’re both somewhat relieved that we have only one on the way. There will be enough work with one! And my brain is better able to grasp the practicalities of bathing, feeding, changing and caring for a single baby; trying to figure out how to do nighttime feedings and diaper changes for two was exhausting.

The only downside? No more need to come up with twin names. My personal favourite choices were Maggie and Thatch – Margaret & Thatcher for their full names.

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