Since those first two kicks, the inhabitant(s) of my womb have been getting active. I can now feel them flipping and swimming all over the place: fluttery flickerings, wishy-washy sensations, clear moving around of little bodies. And the best part, the most fun part, is that they (yes, we continue to be pretty sure there are two – though we will know Monday for sure) have continued to kick me all over the place.
From my public bone through my belly button, all the way to the top of my now quite prominent and obviously pregnant bump, those little cuties have been using their growing limbs. “Poke, poke … kickity kick kick” from the middle of the night all through the day. My new favourite hobby is sitting with my hands on my belly, feeling the kicks make it all the way to the surface. I can usually tell when they’re about to kick by initial fluttery movements so I’ve been able to cue my mom and M to feel some as well.

The midwife continues to say that I’m measuring large for dates – the uterus (fundus) is a few weeks higher in position than she’d expect, as well as wider. And she’s picked up two slightly different heartbeats, though it is technically possible that one is an echo of the other. She was able to drop by after Feast last Saturday and we all had a listen while I lied down on the couch.

Can’t wait until Monday! Visual confirmation of my cutie(s).

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  1. rowanfamilytree

    Hmmm… twinss……

    cackle cackle!!!!

    Hey, I’m back in town from teaching in the States… wanna have tea maybe Tuesday or Thrusday? We have some catching up to do!
    Just send me an email if your week looks good –

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