34 C

Yes, I’m getting bigger all over. We were in Bellingham this weekend and I bought 2 new bras from Target – sweatshop-produced comfy marvels. It’s amazing how much more comfortable they are than my previous smaller size! I thought they looked too huge on the rack, but not when worn … [bad joke removed.]
Sadly, not a lot of other maternity clothes – we got one comfy stretchy jersey top in black with ruching on the side – it will expand beautifully for my growing belly.

speaking of which, it is noticeably bigger. Definitely am fully into maternity pants now, and thus into the longer tops to hide the maternity pants. With the right outfit the belly is fully visible. It feels pretty great, actually – I’m ready to rock my belly, but since I haven’t told my boss yet, I can’t really do it at work. I think I want to tell him soon because it will be such a relief to be able to talk about it. And then I won’t have to be concerned over the people who will fairly soon start to guess why my clothing style is changing to baggy-stretchy.

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