Stress and sickness

Being pregnant is no joke. I’m happy and excited and having a bit of a hard time. It’s been almost 3 weeks of being sick and I still have a bad cough. Shakes my body, hurts my lungs, roughs up my voice. And still tired. Haven’t seen my in-laws for almost 2 months.
And today, back pains for almost 2 hours, and then started up again. I couldn’t get hold of the midwife, which did not help to calm my worries. Finally spoke with her tonight – turns out it is probably muscle strain. Ligaments get looser through pregnancy, and I carried quite a few things on Monday and Tuesday. However, it was several very stressful hours at work – trying to work – and I came home after my last commitment of the day.

Now I’m home with nothing concrete to do, tired but not ready to sleep (it’s only 6:40).

Learning to let go of worry and let go of trying to do things seems like one of the biggest challenges and lessons of pregnancy.

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