Nausea, exhaustion and sickness

These have been major themes of my life for the past few weeks. Sure enough, shortly on the heels of 6 weeks’ pregnancy, nausea started up – not really in the morning, but hitting me throughout the day, unsettling me and leaving me feeling BLEH. Eating and drinking help, but not too much or then I feel worse. And only if it’s what my stomach wants – which can be hard to determine day to day.
Sleep continues to be another key feature of life. Mmm, sleep!! Usually min. 10 hours in bed a night, 11 or 12 better, ideally with a nap or lie-down somewhere in the middle. I can’t quite fathom this capacity for sleep. But it’s probably¬† partly related to the third theme,

Sickness – a bad cold, now in its 3rd week. I lost a good part of a week of work, and now have a lingering bad, nasty cough. Coughing is hard when pregnant – I have to brace myself and hold my stomach so I don’t strain myself.

The upside is: I’m pretty happy to go along with all 3 of these. Work is too busy but it’s good and I do what I can. Renovations continue, and it’s exciting. Spring keeps popping up – it will be here soon. And husband is really wonderful. Oh, and I”m pregnant – that’s pretty great too! So in spite of it all, I’m happy with life and grateful to be happy.

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