Feeling sick

I’ve had a bad cold since last Thursday. I slept a lot of Friday – minus a couple of hours at work that I couldn’t miss – and almost all of Saturday and Sunday. The weekend was a blur: wake up, drink, eat, read, sleep. Wake up again, repeat. I put in a few hours of work on Monday, and took all of today off – I’ve got to shake this thing! Of course, it’s coming at a hugely busy time of year. I’m in the last push to finish a course I’m teaching online. Only the exams to mark left – due by next Monday – then finished. Lots of workshops coming up that I need to a) design and b) deliver. A community project that we need to launch by the end of the month. A work trip next week.
Oh, and renovations :).

The other sick thing, though, is all-day sickness. Stomach is off, I feel icky, I’m hungry but don’t know what to eat. And once I get something in, I only want more of the same – so alternating meals between different dishes gets tricky.

I think it’s time for toast, tahini and jam, then bed.

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