Get your kids to harvest: Seed saving with my daughter

Ever since I taught courses on environmental geography, I’ve been deeply appreciative of the deeply subversive, transformative, connective power of saving seeds.

Seeds are such miracles. Varying in size and colour, some with common features while others are distinctive, containing the pattern for entire plants: stem, leaves, roots, flowers, fruit … all in this speck.

hands harvesting lettuce seeds from pods into dish on table
Hard at work

Harvesting seeds also reminds me of the generosity of nature. Yesterday I cut the top off of a lettuce plant that had gone to seed, and today, my daughter and I harvested its seeds. This was just the seeds from a single plant, and not even all of them, and not even all of them were fully formed. And we have hundreds of seeds. That single plant could produce hundreds of potential lettuce plants next year, which could go on to multiply astronomically. What amazing bounty!

small metal bowl with lettuce seeds and chaff
Seeds, plus chaff and wind lifty bits (still lots of technical stuff to learn).

We are looking forward to a crop next year. And also gathering many more seeds: mustard so far, arugula and others to come.

It all gets done in the end

It’s too late on Sunday night, but I am ready for bed. Today was busy. Up, clean, breakfast … NAP! for 2 hours with baby. Vitally important nap, I must say. Then making food and cleaning, then 2 hours of mad mad work on organizing files and some house work and work on the course (boy those students are amazing! Brilliant TA! I need to get busy), picking outfits for the week. Basically, working until 3:30 in the basement on a sunny weekend. Okay but not so cool. I would like to get beyond working first and playing after.
Then we went out to the garden, and life was good. It was good before, and it was gooder after. Gardening with baby, planning out yard improvements with husband, talking with neighbours, playing with and breastfeeding baby. Truly awesome. I LOVE gardening and wish I had way more time. I would have tackled a lot more pruning of bushes around the yard, tried to eliminate the dandelions (made some progress), and started on weeds in the decorative beds.

Finally, in to make supper, using up most of the rest of the veggies in the fridge. Nothing like a clean slate as we prepare for the rest of the week!

And finally, finally, bath for baby, reading stories, giving up on an early bedtime, making a crockpot dish for tomorrow, then bed for her. Husband did a big clean/organize while some of this was going on, and after feeling again like a pigsty, the suite feels quite nice again. Each sort and purge feels closer and closer to manageable. Another big box ready to donate, more recycling going out, dishes cleared out …. it’s great.

So though the day started with too much inside time, vital things got done and I did have time to be outside with family, and we are starting the week with dinner ready for tomorrow night, lunches made, outfits picked, and a good week ahead. Aaah … I can go to bed and rest. Wishing all of you good dreams, restful sleep, and a smooth start to your week.