Can you lean in if you’re over 40?

I just finished “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg yesterday and was pleasantly inspired by it. I had heard a few things that made me think I might not like it (perspectives on children, HR practices, an emphasis on careerism at the expense of family). My reading was a good reminder not to rely on the … Read more

On Speaking Out Effectively

I’m enjoying the book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. In sum: talent does not exist. People excel through “deliberate practice”: hard, focused work on key skills that stretch their growth, repeated with feedback for a lot of hours; followed by similar work on the next set of skills to extend their growth. It is … Read more


First, a link to follow up on my comments yesterday about work, loving work or not, looking for my passion. I appreciate the comments about procrastination – I do procrastinate at work – and then I think about what  I do even if I’m not paid for it: write; write; read; prepare talks and presentations; … Read more


This week has definitely not been one of outstanding performance on any front. Tired. Sick. A bit low. Unmotivated. So, motivation: what is it, and why don’t I have more? I’ve been thinking about the things I sink my teeth into and the ones I don’t. I would like to figure out what it is … Read more

Just Relax

This post today by a friend resonated, specifically the doctor’s diagnosis. It reminded me of past times in my life when it seemed people all around would tell me the same thing: “just relax!” The implications of this were many: I was uptight, they weren’t, I was upset about things that I should just let … Read more