Small Tweaks

Changing a few small things can make a big difference.
I stopped by an eye store on our walk today and had my glasses tightened. With baby’s snatch-ability (and possibly generally loose frames??), my glasses were falling off my face and the arms were floppy. Now they stay in place. Brilliant!

I also bought a new, fun, bigger cleaning cloth for them. Love it!

Also: (warning: female details ahead) for my last few periods I’ve been using a lot more non-disposable products. A diva cup for the first few days, and a couple cloth panty liners later on. I bought the diva cup years ago, found it hard to insert and never used it. But, in the interest of saving money and wasting less, I tried it again a few months ago. Though it’s still a bit weird and messy inserting and removing it, once it’s in it’s amazing! I don’t even notice it, it’s so comfortable. Plus, it feels so much neater than anything else I’ve used (including tampons), which is huge. Plus, I can leave it in for up to 8 hours, so good for the day. And the cloth liners (bought them at the Bellingham market this past summer) are also so easy to use, comfortable, and easy to wash. I feel good about using what I bought and saving money, it’s more comfortable than what I used before, and less waste. I still use a tampon here and there if I”m going to be out or a full day at work, and a disposable pad overnight. I’m open to replacing those too.

On our walk today baby & I went to the library. As usual, she wanted to walk up and down the flight of stairs in the middle of the library. She’s getting better at walking, so on the way down we were able to do some stretches with one step per leg. So much faster … and more fun! Every time we finished a set and got to a landing after “racing” down them, she let out a high-pitched scream of delight. Sheer joy! I’m glad I let myself accept that we’re at the up-and-down stage and go with it.

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