Semi-Magical Evening

Baby was asleep by 8:15. Yay!
But it took over 2 solid hours of time in the bedroom to get there. We tried a bath at 6 but she didn’t like that idea. Shake, shake shake. So we went right into the bedroom, new diaper, nurse. Eyes closing within minutes! “I’ll be out of here by 6:30, tops!” I thought.

Transitioning between breasts and to the bottle brought tears. Big tears, lots of tears, several times. Then after she finished, she rolled over, sighed, rested … and woke up. Gentle wiggling and partial sitting up expanded until she was in full-blown awake mode. Standing, banging on the walls, doing face flops on the bed, letting out baby shrieks of happiness. Wonderful to have a happy baby!

When she tired of play and tried to head off the bed, and cried when I didn’t let her, we read books for a while. Then more playing.

Eventually we had another round of nursing to sleep. Which didn’t work. Followed by more play. And then finally, nursing/bottle/lie-down/sleep. Oh, and then a final cry emitted as I was sneaking out of the room … which was quickly calmed as I put a hand on her back.

Aaaah … sleep. No idea why she was so wild tonight. And no nap today (maybe why?). But now can blog, talk with a friend, talk with husband, eat, etc. And go to bed early.

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