The Beauty of Religion

Lately I’ve been enjoying some blogs which explore aspects of Christianity and Christian life. Especially since living in the southern US I’ve appreciated the richness and diversity that can be found in Christian communities.
One blog I’ve read has had some fun things lately – one link to editorial hilarity, and another to Christian singles humour. That second link reminded me of the beauty of belonging to a religious tradition that goes back millenia, with language that echoes with ancient history and a rich and active library of cultural/historical references shared with a great big community.

Being a Baha’i is wonderful: the relevance of the teachings to today, the rich spiritual insights, the forward-looking and inclusive community life. It’s also a great feeling to appreciate what it would be like to belong to another community.

Well, I thought I’d have a lot more to say about this, but I’m tapped out!

In other news: husband is reading to baby, who is not at all tired. Bedtime lately has been late, wake-up time after 8. No time to myself in the evenings gets exhausting. On the other hand, it means more time with baby who is particularly chatty lately. “Yep, yep, yep, yep.” “Me, dada, mama, out!” “No, mama, up!” and on and on.

I am also in a wrap-up mood. Get rid of things; complete things; move on to new things. We’ll see if I get anywhere with this, or if exhaustion will slow me down.


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