Not Fun At All

Lest you all think I walk around in a dream-like state completely divorced from reality, here are some interactions that occur with my daughter that I really am not super fond of. I would say that they are not fun at all. At ALL. Trying for a positive spin, I would say they add depth to our relationship and require me to grow as a person.
1) Last night. Baby sleeps sideways on the bed (See “H is for Hell“), her feet by my head. She was wiggling, I moved over to check on her, and she kicked me in the nose. Yes. WHAM! Full contact, foot to nose.

2) In the going-to-bed process last night, I tried to get her on the potty. She clearly had to go. But no, she sat there but then got up and did NOT want a diaper, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It was time to run into the closet and hide in mama’s clothes!

Later, coming out of the closet, she pointed and fussed at something on the floor. Drops of liquid. Connected with the pool of pee in the corner of the closet, deposited during the approximately 1 minute IMMEDIATELY AFTER BEING ON THE POTTY when I let her go diaper free.

3) Eating on the go. She doesn’t like her high chair and is often on the move, or at the very least, wiggly, moving and active while I’m trying to get her to eat. Note: she is hungry. This has nothing to do with hunger. But what it has to do with is her uncanny knack of WHACKING THE SPOON FULL OF MESSY, TINY, FLY-EVERYWHERE FOOD out of my hand just as I reach for her mouth. Uncanny!

She is fun, funny, full of life, intelligent, cute, engaged in the world, cuddly, loving, observant, considerate and the most amazing baby ever. Just, sometimes, life isn’t a soft-focus moment.

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