Cleaning up

Today I had a day off work because of some family things that needed attending to. I had some time in there while mom watched baby to sit in a restaurant and then coffee shop, eating and working. It was a good opportunity to catch up on a few things and think about what to do next.
I got to do some reading for the article I’m slowly starting to write again. I’m glad to be back into the 15 min./day pattern, slow though it is at the moment.

I reviewed a work presentation that I have for Monday – tomorrow’s final prep time with my colleague. I’m apparently quite nervous about the presentation, hence my procrastination on working on it, hence my stress at work lately and avoidance of everything else. I was able to focus once away from my office and the internet and pushed myself to edit and consider the presentation.

There was also time to clean up my email. Aaah … that feels good. Videos I haven’t watched yet were put into my photos/music/videos folder for later viewing. Friend/businessy emails were replied to and archived. And emails about the course I’m supposed to teach in April (a volunteer activity that is stressing me out) were read, filed and responded to. I wrote to them to say, look, I want to do this but I haven’t even had time to read your emails, much less prep a course, for the past month. What help can you provide? I hope that we can work something out because it is interesting and rewarding to do, it is service, it is part of a path to a potential future career, and I’d like to fit it in if possible (without turning into a basket case).

Finally, I acknowledged that my computer is not working well. It has slowed down dramatically over the past month and is now annoying rather than fun to work with. So I’m going to get it cleaned up and fixed or whatever it needs so that I can tackle the work I need to do.

And now, after baby has had yet another late nap that didn’t turn into bedtime, we’re feeding her, playing with her, and hoping she crashes soon.sleep, stress, work,

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