Love the moment/ Work update

Last night baby woke up at 3:30 to snack. Not unusual. However, she then stayed up until almost 5:30.
We: nursed, tried a bottle, nursed, tried a bottle, heated the bottle more. Rocked, cuddled. Let her climb off the bed, walk to the door and come back. Walked around the house with her. Read books. Looked out the window. Ate. Walked. Nursed again. Finally … finally! … slept.

I had a hard time staying calm and happy while this was going on. I kept thinking, “GOOOO TO SLEEEEEEEEP!!!” I was angry and frustrated. I was tired. I kept thinking about how tired I would be in the morning.

But then magic happened. We were looking out the window in the middle of the night. WE were eating almond butter and rice crackers. She cuddled right into me in the Ergo, saying “MaMa.” I was thrilled once again to have special time with my wonderful daughter.

And today, in spite of a real dearth of sleep (went to bed after midnight – amazingly productive evening!), went well. I wasn’t really tired, got work done, enjoyed my yoga class.

You might as well enjoy the moment. Because it’s what you’ve got. And because however frustrating it seems, within an astonishingly brief span of time (minutes, days, years) the situation will be gone and you will miss it.

Maybe not the same as the “don’t carpe diem” message, which I also love. Not every moment will be delightful. But don’t let myself spin off into negativity; keep perspective; and let myself enjoy the beauty when it’s there.

On to work. I largely followed my program today. Started on big work at work. Took my lunch break (at 12:20, but still). Drank water and refilled my water bottle.

The major shortcoming in the day was blogs. I am becoming re-addicted to blogs. They are like candy: fast, yummy, and I want more. Especially blogs about people’s personal lives, homes, journeys, decluttering, parenting. I can read and read and read and revel in the window into someone else’s life.

i was interested to see yet again that blogs about decluttering were the most interesting to me. Next up was fashion. Though they’re kind of opposite (getting rid of stuff versus acquiring it) they both relate to perfecting the physical space you inhabit. And that material direction is where my mind goes, even after weeks of saying prayers regularly. Oh well! It is a current obsession. I’m sure there are important roots. I accept, enjoy, and move forward without giving it undue energy.

With that, I’m wiped out. Drumming was good after work. Must get some sleep.

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