One more reason why I co-sleep

Last night baby woke up at 1-something to nurse. She wiggled and stretched, then latched on and stayed close. And then, rolled back over, wiggled her arms down by her sides, snuggled up under the covers and went back to sleep.
Her next wake-up was at 4-something. She nursed again, on one side, then lay back and relaxed. She patted the front of her diaper. I asked her, “Do you want to go potty?” “Unh!” she said (her word for yes). I asked again, she confirmed again, and then, magically, without ANY fussing, we took off her pants and diaper and sat her on the little potty.

A minute later she was “done” (no pee in the potty – the diaper pat currently signals that she’s just finished peeing) and reached up for me. I held her and she wrapped her arms around me and snuggled in close. I laid her down for another diaper – again, no fussing – and we nursed more. I reached down to touch her foot, and she giggled. She rolled into me and around and wriggled, then was trying to roll over. I helped and she rolled right on top of me. She snuggled in again – head on my chest, arms and legs around me – and I revelled in 30 seconds of being at complete peace with my baby.

She rolled back off, wiggled and wriggled some more, wanted a bottle, and eventually settled for another sleep stretch.

Those magical middle-of-the-night connections: just one of the many reason I’m so glad we sleep with our baby.


  1. If that’s not convincing I don’t know what is. Enjoying it now with Ella for as long as it works… She’s so little I can’t bear to ave her in another room.

  2. Or another bed!

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