No idea what to write

Today was a too-busy, complaining day. Blah. Right through tonight, with baby finally asleep by 9:50. That’s right. Waaay too long, way too much going on.
And a lot of the things I wanted to complain about are pointless now. Husband just found the ribbon of bells I made for baby that she lost. He cleaned the bathroom (I think :)) and the kitchen while I put baby to bed. I only have 2 more days of work and I’ll survive it. I’m so frustrated with the house but we do agree we’re going to sell asap (which still means months from now at a minimum, but still). And I’m goign to buy an air filter tomorrow for our interior smoky air (oh yes, it’s delightful). Plus some nice emails and messages from friends today.

So I guess I’ll leave that at that. Way too much to do, sick of lots of things but recognizing there is a bright side.

As for decluttering: recently I’ve sorted the vitamins and put some on the “to take” shelf – some I also got rid of – so those will be streamlined in a couple of months. I purged a wall covering from Kyrgyzstan that, on reflection, I realized I didn’t like. 4 magazines gone, some fabric, half of a baby first aid kit. Some random paper also cleared out. 2 pairs of baby socks. etc. the process continues.

I hope to have a better frame of mind tomorrow, not to mention a bit more time, so I can settle down and write something. something more than this non-complaint complaint.

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