Today I had a surprise phone call from some friends I haven’t seen in a while … maybe 1.5 years. I used to work with the man, and he and his partner have a baby just a few weeks younger than our girl. We’ve been meaning to catch up, so they called, and we did.
Bitter: They’re not here. We didn’t become as close as I wanted while we were in the same town. Now we’re in different cities, and I don’t know how or when that might come to be. I haven’t made enough friends in this town with whom I can connect like that.

Sweet: They are awesome individuals, their values align so well with ours, and they’re very real about their lives. We can talk about spirituality, social change, materialism, kids, family, community, and connect and learn from each other. Knowing they’re out there energizes me. And I remember that there are other amazing people right here, some of whom I know, all of whom I could make more time for.

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