Not sure why, but I’m quite happy today. It’s great!
Maybe it’s because it’s Thursday (TGIT!). Maybe because I’ve gone to bed early 3 nights in a row (bliss!!!) and not rushed in the mornings (also bliss!). Maybe I’m feeling kind of partially caught up at work. Maybe it’s also that I got to leave work a bit early for an appointment, then had time to do groceries, and even some shopping (dollar store: barrettes & tooth brush for baby, and an awesome big clip barrette for me – I’ve been looking for one everywhere without success – until today!). Maybe the sun and warm weather that peeked through this afternoon.

Maybe it’s my incredibly cute daughter. When I picked her up and she was nursing, mom was telling me from the kitchen how my dad honked his horn today from the driveway for her, and how she enjoyed it. Baby detaches from the breast, smiles and says “beep.” Pause. “Vwavwa” (her name for my dad). WOW!! She totally remembered, understood the conversation, and put together her memory into – dare I say it – a sentence?!

When nursing her to sleep tonight, my half-asleep baby popped off the breast to say, eyes closed, “beep … vwavwa” before resuming her nursing. I never knew that horn honking could have such a positive impact.

Now, the other two are asleep and I’m cleaning up a bit, blogging, clearing my desk. Going to crash soon, just not yet. I may total up my receipts for taxtime (I dream of dropping them off tomorrow). We will see. Oh, and take a few more minutes to revel in feeling happy.

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