Adapting to the day

Today we were flexible and spontaneous. Awesome!
In the morning, I had some time with baby. We read books, then she wanted to play with the matrioshki on the mantle. I gave her one to play with and when I realized that she was fully absorbed in independent play, I pulled out my recipes and the new scrapbook I’m going to be using. We had some “parallel play” with a few intersections as she tried to put the doll halves back together, and “explored” the recipes. Delightful, productive, fun!

After my haircut (aaah, another winner from Sarah! So great to have someone who knows how to cut my hair!), met up with husband and baby downtown. They were back from a walk in the park. And we decided to try and drop in on a marriage deepening that afternoon. After a couple of phone calls, we figured out where it was and dropped by just as it was starting. Baby went down for a nap in the bedroom and we had the chance to visit, participate and learn. Fun!

3 hours later, headed home, we ended up going for a walk in the park. Yay, exercise! Baby walked some too and loved playing the snow. Didn’t want to leave the snowperson we built.

Home: hubby made dinner (cabbage soup) while I … did chores and played with baby, I think??

Then bedtime. And instead of getting up after she fell asleep, I did too. No idea which of us actually crashed first!
Just up now at 11:30. And going to post before midnight. GO!

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