I wish it were Tuesday. Sigh.
I have a presentation to give tomorrow morning and I’ve been stressing about it for a while. It’s an important one, there’s a lot of content, and BLEH, I’ve been struggling to focus and prepare appropriately. Plus, it’s first thing tomorrow, so we need to get out of the house on time, instead of late – hard hard hard. I just wish I were better prepared, had had more time this weekend to prep, had more sleep … and didnt’ have to do this.

On the plus side: it’s only an hour, I have a co-presenter (that alone should take off half the weight!), there are friends and allies in the group, and it probably won’t determine my future. Though yes, it could affect slightly the future of a particular aspect of my work … but oh well, it’s not the end of the world.

And after that, I get to enjoy the OutWeek opening ceremonies, at which I will be speaking (super-short, one of many), followed by cake! Then I’m going to attend one of the events: a film I want to see. So, today should end well even if I dread the beginning.

With that, I’m goign to read through the presentation then head to bed. Sleep, sleep.

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