In and Out

Other items recently leaving our home:

  • Ironing board (let’s get real, okay? I don’t iron. Though we still do have the iron … for sewing projects!)
  • Plastic food containers. Lots.
  • Not-loved stuffed toy
  • List of daily schedule with baby. I learned I’m not a baby scheduler.
  • Book I finished reading last night: Dixieland Sushi
  • More stuff, I know. once it’s gone I can’t remember it. What does that tell you?

In their places have arrived:

  • box of glass jars as tupperware substitutes
  • 2 bras to be converted to pumping bras (yay hands-free!)
  • 2 pairs winter wool socks for cold floors
  • 6 new baby bottle nipples & 4 new (used, via mom) baby bottles. Replacing ones broken.
  • 1 new drinking cup for baby. Not really “in” because it’s going to stay at my mom’s so I don’t have to transport cups back and forth.

In the spirit of one in, one out, I think I should probably get rid of at least one bra. I don’t use all the ones I have anyways. As for socks, I have 2 pairs needing mending and have purged all the ones I don’t use, hence the space for new … but I may have some singles floating around that could leave.

I do hope to continue the one-a-day routine! I have a pile of papers waiting to be sorted and I know that is full of dump fodder.

I’m also looking afresh at our food intake. I’ve tended to stockpile, and while this has its uses (apocalypse, natural disaster, busy week) it has its downfall. Food can sit for far too long. The shelves can be so crowded that stuff doesn’t get eaten. And particularly for fresh food, too much usually means too much waste. So I am doing my best to buy less. Tonight was a good example. We were running low on a couple of grains (teff & amaranth – we use them for hot cereal). Normally I would buy at least a few pounds of any grain I stock up on . My husband picked up the bags, small half-pound ones, and you know what? They’re the perfect size. Slow the panic that drives excessive intake, increase the space in our shelves, add calm to our lives and reduce our grocery bills. And still eat well.

I’m off to spend time with husband!

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