Nov. 11 Remembrance Day Bonus Post

My decluttering over the last few days.
Thursday: Husband decided to clean out the pantry. THANK YOU! He did an amazing job. We decluttered together and got rid of 3 lunch bags, assorted kitchen items (extra can opener, peeler, measuring spoon, 2 tin lids (I got rid of the tins earlier as I couldn’t find the lids), OTHER STUFF I can’t remember. Plus he went through a BIG bin of his old stuff and got it down to one small suitcase. Awesome!

Today so far: 4 cookbooks (yay! I never use them. As in, I’ve had one for 15 – 20 years and never cooked a single recipe from it. Safe to say good-bye), baby’s bag for carrying stuff to nana’s house (it’s broken), 2 outgrown onesies. More to come, I hope. I pulled out a stack of files from the cabinet and look forward to purging.

Bonus bonus: I did something amazing yesterday. After initiating the project 5 years ago, I finally submitted my paper on citizenship education in Kyrgyzstan to a journal. I had half a day off (whittled down to 2 hours as I worked overtime) and I redid the key diagram and edited the paper so it was under 7000 words. Barely, but it was. And i emailed it off. And that’s done. Done! I should hear in a few weeks if they’re considering it, at which point (if yes) it will get sent to reviewers. Add a couple months onto that and it might be recommended for publication with edits, or not. We’ll see. BUt: it’s done. DONE! Now to move on to the next project. I’m thinking the singles research project I did a few years ago …

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