Funny and Not

Today was a day. Not stellar. Husband wasn’t feeling well (headache). The day felt long and blah.
However, I did get to go on a 3-hour outing with baby. Actually not so bad! It was car-free day downtown so we walked and saw some people and left husband home to clean the house etc. Some sitting, some walking, some talking. We participated in a bus contest to see how fast I could get the stroller safely onto the bus. 11.3 seconds. And a chance to win a family waterpark pass. I also ran into a woman who recognized baby from the Interfaith gathering a couple of weeks ago. It turns out she runs for the local green party, so I’ve seen her picture around over the years. A nice encounter.

We stopped by an arena where nephew was having his birthday party. Hockey for him and his friends! We got there early so we could visit, then left when they started cranking the dance music (funny? maybe). Baby fell asleep about a minute after we left – high time for a nap. Home, I got her into bed, truly a great feat as any mother knows. Then had a salad and read (Fun! not Nee!). She perfectly timed her wake-up just as I was starting my next chore. And then after nursing refused the bottle and fell asleep on me again for another 45 minutes. Sweetness!

So, the funny. The day felt really long. Husband, as mentioned, not feeling the greatest. When baby wouldn’t fall asleep tonight he took her for a walk and returned with a sleeping baby and tasty snacks for Wife. Unfortunately, all 3 of the snacks he brought are foods I’m not currently eating. So sweet! Oh well.

And the not so funny. I realized the other night that I’m in the count-down to my 40th birthday. If I don’t start thinking about it and preparing for it now, it will be here and it will suck and I will sink into depression. When I remembered/realized this the other night as I was falling asleep,, I told husband that we needed to start planning. Yesterday he brought it up, proof he was paying attention and remembered. So, 40th birthday. 8 or so months to go. Where do I want to be and what do I want to do? I really don’t mind the number. But I’m not thrilled about certain aspects of my life and my reaction to them. Saw a banner in a store today: Happy people are not those in particular circumstances but those with particular attitudes (something to that effect). Attributed to Buddhism. Um, yeah. But also: what attitudes will create what situation that I want?

Anyhow – need to finish up, put together bottles and snuggle baby into bed. My little love! Today was actually wonderful, in spite of my complaining, for the amount of quality time I had with my girl. End of story.

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