Mom Time

(argh … opening erased … I am TIRED and will not rewrite it. In brief: how do I spend my time, the little tiny bit I have?)
So, my time. During the day I sometimes breathe. More often I quickly quickly clean – laundry, pick-up things, fill dishwasher, put away put away. Then check email/facebook. Then eat.

Often when she goes to sleep I end up unable to move – she may be sleep nursing, or just curled up with me and not wanting to be put down. So I relax, sometimes sleep, often read if I’ve had the foresight to bring a book with me.

My husband sometimes takes her on a walk so I have time to myself. This is delightful :). And the time often follows my usual pattern: mad cleaning followed by indulgence (reading, netflix, spider solitaire my addiction).

One day this weekend when he took her I breathed, prayed, and read some of the latest issue of Baha’i Canada. Nice!

I want to use my time in a balanced way. Life isn’t all about getting things done. But sometimes it feels like it is. And I am happier when they’re done. But I’m also happier when I breathe/pray/relax. But I’m also happier when I”m not madly rushing around in the morning to get out the door.

And right now, I’m tired, and want to watch Netflix, so I am going to do that then sleep, and that is my current choice of ME time.

NOTE: written on MY laptop, in my writing area, yayness! Husband bought a WII today so we have netflix on the tv without needing my computer. i predict more settling into my writing area now. Also: just reconnected with two profs in education and floated my writing problem by each: 7000 word paper, MUST get myself to finish and submit for publication … help?! One more project for my me time.

Good night! Happy sleeps!

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