More grumpiness today. Though I think I figured out why – ask and I’ll tell you!
At least part of it must be because I’m starting work. Tomorrow. I’ve been ignoring the fact that this day was coming. Yet it is here nonetheless. I love my job but I’m not ready to leave my baby and change up our routine, exhausting though it can be. Just the thought of trying to get out the door in the morning … BLECH. And rushing through things with baby. ARGH. On the plus side, I guarantee it will help me appreciate those mornings I can stay home with her.

And then today was the parking pass debacle. They opened up the system for purchase at 9 a.m., I logged on and got an error message telling me I wasn’t recognized and needed to contact the parking office. Which I did immediately, by phone and email. Tonight I get a message back saying the system was overloaded and to try again. And this time it works. So that freakin’ stupid error message cost me a day and means that the only passes available are in far away, useless lots. I really don’t care where I park for me; I care because I want fast get-aways to see my daughter at lunch and before & after work. Now, because of the stupid system, I don’t have that. I am not dealing with it very well, which I think reflects my lack of mental and emotional readiness to start work. Tomorrow.

I realize that this would be a great time for some deep breathing rather than swearing. Definitely a good time not to send a nasty email to Parking Services (not sent – my contribution to peace in the community). However, these are remarkably hard to do when I’m feeling this irritated. And it’s already past 11:00 at night.

Well. We’ll see how I do tonight and tomorrow. I confess to a slight lack of optimism.

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