Latest fashion trend: Layers

I’ve been into layers for quite a long time. I get cold, so layers make sense. I also enjoy the feeling of bundling up in a couple of different tops. For work, I’ll often layer a tank top with a cardigan, and maybe a jacket over that.
Baby is doing me one better. After months of resisting getting dressed in the morning, she’s started layering. Her pants.

Yesterday she brought me the first pair, and instead of just laying them out on the bed as usual, she asked me to put them on her. Then returned with a second pair. I asked if she wanted to swap them out for the first pair, but no: “ovuh” the other pair, please! We managed to get 4 pairs onto her now very chubby legs before we stopped.

Today I pleaded and explained how we were reaching the outer limits of pants-layering, but she was not satisfied until we had 6 pairs of pants, including two oversized, bulky fleece pairs (of course, the two bottom layers!). She was then waddling awkwardly around. On the plus side, if she fell she’d have padding. Also: no problem with leaky diapers! She did find, though, that she couldn’t seem to get back up once she was down, so I had go give her a bit of a hand.

As always, my fashion forward daughter is showing me new horizons. Thanks baby!

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