Reflections on Communication

So today I got annoyed at my husband twice, once possibly deservedly, once probably not. Getting over these fun moments and moving on together were interestingly insightful for me. Both times, once the issue was out in the open my frustration dropped significantly. Both times we used humour and taking ourselves not too seriously to prevent the annoyance from becoming a big issue. Both times we ended with some combination of a hug and kiss with baby reaching up to join us for a family moment.
A key for me was being willing to stay connected while discussing both the issue and the process (how I brought up and if I brought up what I was concerned about). Instead of taking my emotions to an extreme and positioning myself, physically and emotionally, as oppositional to him, I let myself remain connected, kept my reactions balanced and listened to his perspective. The dual results were an airing and clearing of an issue, and a renewed sense of connection.

Disagreements are vehicles for change. Make of them the type of change you want.

Drumming tonight provided more examples of being in tune with others. During the first half of class several people had to go in and out of the room to take phone calls and check on childcare. We also were rotating parts and soloing. It was wonderful to see the sharing of time and drums among the group of 6, and how we moved to take over missing rhythms to keep the melody moving forward as a whole: B grabbed the guagua, I switched to high drum, T added in the clave, all rotated the quinto for solos.

Our teacher/facilitator talked about soloing as well, and how it’s about creating a conversation between the different drums. Throughout the class as a whole we feel the beauty of the multiple rhythms moving together and becoming one organic whole, even while each separate part brings its own special flavour to the music.

Finally wonderfully and unrelatedly, we ended with the vudo rhythm, my FAVOURITE! I love the off-beat way its parts blend together and how it makes me move.

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