Today is definitely not yesterday. Putting positivity and pro-activity into action.
Baby was good enough to feel well much of today and play beautifully on her own for quite a few stretches. It was so sweet to see (and hear, when she was moving her blocks around the bedroom) her busy with her work, talking and moving and completely absorbed in her life. And of course, the time it gave me to make progress on cleaning was well appreciated.

Though I’d planned to leave the house early for errands, things took a while and baby was happy so we were home until mid-afternoon. A lovely, relaxed stretch. In fact, I did try to leave to do errands around 11:30 but baby was asleep within 2 blocks so I came home and put her to bed.

And in answer to my furniture frustration, lovely husband, on an unauthorized stop at a second hand store, found a solid oak dining room table for $30. It’s not very big. It doesn’t have a leaf. It required a few hours of repair/refinishing work. But it’s gorgeous wood, it’s just the right size for us now, it has a sweet drawer on one side, it is JUST our style, and it will be installed in our dining room tomorrow! Now to find some chairs, which I’m looking forward to. And this one purchase has inspired me to know that we can find both wonderful and inexpensive furniture that we will love and build an eclectic but attractive home. I’m feeling so inspired to try reupholstering something as well … though not over the break.

Afternoon errands were also strange, as baby did not want to get into the car after the first stop. So we strollered over to a baby store where I bought (at last – I wanted to make one but without a sewing machine it’s hard) a back-seat toy holder. Then stopped for fries (yes. I fed her some fries.) at a fish & chip place when she wouldn’t get in the second time. The third time she still was miserable and crying some, but I told her we had to go home and see dada. Which we did, forgoing stops #2 & 3.

For dinner: I made latkes (potatoes & yams) and applesauce, + rice pudding for dessert. YUM! While listening to Christmas music, in what I thought was a lovely interreligious activity.

And though baby’s bedtime wasn’t what we would have liked, we had a good conversation about what to try now (routine, better planning, more consistency) that I wish we’d started earlier but will start now.

She’s asleep, i’m going to have some pudding with husband.

Yay for new days and new attitudes!

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