Maybe you’re familiar with the research showing that mothers and babies who breastfeed and cosleep get into the same biorhythm patterns (I think the technical term is different – basically, the cycles in and out of REM sleep become synched). I’ve been noticing this for a while, but last night was a great example.
Baby slept for a 4+ hour stretch – completely delightful for me! I woke up, still early morning, feeling refreshed though still tired. I looked over at baby who was solidly asleep and got excited to think that I could just slip back into sleep for another stretch.

But no: within moments, baby started to stir, then let out her “I’m awake, I’m here, where’s my boob?” cry. As I rolled over to fulfill my part in this activity I realized how great it is to be connected like this with my baby.

Husband and I have connections, too, around taking care of things around the house and baby and each other. Bedtime routine is one good example. Usually: husband will look after baby while I get the bedroom ready and often shower. He’ll bring her in to shower with me or for a bath. After the bath he usually gets her out, then we oil her up and wrestle her into a diaper and PJs together. Once she’s calm and ready for bed, I nurse while husband gets a bottle ready. Then I continue with the nursing/feeding/soothing routine while he cleans up the kitchen. I usually leave the bedroom to a clean kitchen, a hot mug of tea and encouragement to write my blog and then head to bed.

And now, baby wants breast. I have to go.

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