Baby Mania

Today she ate two pickles. Two. Pickles. I have no idea how she chewed them up to swallow, but she did.
We were eating lunch and she signed “eat” and pointed to my plate. I offered her the biryani, which she sternly rejected. “Eat!” I offered her the pickle, half as a joke. She grabbed it and chowed down. And when she finished, she asked for more.

She let us know she needed to go to the potty and boy did she ever!

She is saying “mama” and “ma” much more clearly than ever. She loves her mama!

Her smile blows me away every time.

Bedtime tonight was an hour-long three- attempt effort. Eat, cry, crawl off the bed. PLAY!!! Rub eyes, yawn. Eat, cry, cry, cry, roll over, cry, crawl off the bed. PLAY!! Let daddy take you outside to look at the moon. Crash.

Good thing he came home. I was not pleasantly predisposed towards her. She wouldn’t nurse, she kept on crying, she was exhausted but wouldn’t sleep. ARGH! I clearly have no patience at all. And I was drifting off to sleep too.

Time to fiinish and get myself to bed.


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