Working Mom

Today, the start of my first full week of work, I definitely feel like a working mom. And it’s too late and tomorrow’s too busy to really write it all out. I’ve had several versions of this post running through my head but no time to complete any of them.
In brief: busy productive day at work with good reconnections. Happy seeing my girl again at my mom’s. Rather incautiously decided to go blueberry picking with her on the way home; she loved being in that beautiful spot and played well by herself while I picked. But didn’t fall asleep on the way home. When she moved from fussing to crying, I parked, walked, tried to put her in again but ended up walking an hour home (thank you, Ergo), passing my husband on the way (thank you, cell phone) who picked up the car. She calmed down, slept, laughed, loved it. But didn’t go to sleep.

Home. No sleep. More peaches. Bath. No sleep. Walk walk, daddy walk and play, nurse cry, finally finally sleep. More chores to do to prepare for tomorrow.

Lessons. Life is busy. Enjoy it. And a happy, laughing baby + good exercise for mom are preferable to crying baby and rushing home. Very grateful for a supportive husband because tonight would have looked a lot different otherwise.

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