Accelerating Cutenesses

Every time I turn around, cutie pie is doing more adorable things! Latest include:
Loving her reflection in the mirror! May have already described … even twisting while on the change table to get a glimpse of herself, then smiling, laughing, bouncing.

Definite babbling! Consonants are coming out of her mouth now. And she gums up her mouth so adorable baby-Popeye-ish while babbling! Especially in her soft baby voice.

Of course, shrieking as loudly as she can is also incredibly cute!

Stuffing her face with food! She’s definitely getting solids down, now including yams, potatoes, broccoli, bread, a tiny bite of salmon, fusilli, orange, apple, beans, and lemon. Yes. My dad gave her a squeezed-out lemon skin and she chowed down, going back for more after making sour faces! Some of her eating is followed by scary gagging/puking, but I understand it’s par for the course – she will self-regulate and learn not to cram too much into her mouth.

Picking at the bunny fur on her new “pat the bunny” book with her rosy lips pouting open, little body bending forwards, head focused and soft, softy cutie love love!

Playing piano! We have a piano temporarily in our back room and she pounds it when given the chance.

When I’m carrying her in the Ergo, pulling back to look me in the eyes, her eyes big and dark and round, and then rubbing her head in my chest … love.

And the list goes on!

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