Wow my sweetie!!

Still in love with my daughter :). She has a few new things lately that are delighting me.
Kicking her feet against the toilet when she sits on it
Expanding her vocal range by screaming AS LOUDLY AS SHE CAN
Her sweet, soft, sweet voice talking to her food!
“eh! Unh! Ehmmmeuh!” urgent noises she has started making while nursing
Grabbing my breast with both hands to move my nipple into her mouth, especially when she nurses at night.
Wanting to chew on food while I carry her in the Ergo in the mornings
Her sweet calmness when we’re out doing errands or walks in the Ergo. Resting her sweet head against my chest
Her “squinchy face” – scrunching up the top of her nose and her eyes when she’s in the sun. New favourite baby expression!
Her love of rolling. Especially when playing with mommy and daddy! For example, if I’m on my back and she’s on my chest, she’ll smile and lean off to her left, trying to roll onto the bed. And smile and laugh when I roll her down.
Smiling at mirrors! She knows her own reflection and loves to see it and smile at it. A sure-fire way to cheer up a crying girl.
Super-long naps – she’s had a couple 3 hour-range naps the last few days. Freaked me out at first – now it’s just sweet. And helpful.

Every stage is bringing new and amazing things to light about my beautiful girl.

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