And it goes on

I missed poop #4 as well. In my defense, it was a quieter, unexpected explosion.
But #5: I saw the fussiness, took the signal, sat her on the potty with a bottle in her mouth, and caught it!! Smiles, celebrations.

The next day I had a number of catches, including in the bathroom at Chapters (so exciting! Peeing her in a public place!) and another poop.

I’m learning that while this will become easier, it’s still a lot of work. Particularly if I want to keep her completely clean/dry, and try to capture every instance. And the cold weather doesn’t help: if it were warmer I could keep her in just a cloth diaper, no cover, and learn her cues faster as well as get her onto the toilet more quickly. But, no excuses: I’ll do what I can without getting stressed, and we will figure it out as much as we can. Besides, spring is around the corner, and with that comes fewer clothes and a more mature baby.

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