Food for stomach

With this prenatal nausea, I’ve learned that my stomach doesn’t always or even often know best. I still feel (at 13 weeks!) sick for a lot of most days. My food aversions continue – BLECH to broccoli and a whole bunch of other foods that are normally delicious and healthy. But once I get something into me (again – excluding broccoli) I instantly feel better.
In B’ham this weekend we were wandering around and I started to feel that pregnant-nauseous-lousy feeling. Blech, want to puke, don’t want to eat anything, know I should eat. M suggested Mexican food, and normally I’m all over that, but the thought of actually going in and ordering a plate of enchiladas caused a noticeable stomach wrench. After almost an hour of walking we got to this burrito place and I decided to put food aversions aside and try and get something down. I ordered a burrito (after checking the ingredients to ensure no broccoli). Once the first bite was down, I couldn’t stop, and had a good helping of M’s too (bean supreme and cheesy, had to eat it!!).

If you can make it past the first few bites, it’s all good. And afterwards, temporary stomach peace.

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