My appetite isn’t great, and the nausea continues. Oh well! Nothing like a friendly reminder that baby is still there, growing away.
The nausea is usually okay in the morning. I have some water or tea, then maybe toast or cereal or french toast (please, no eggs in any other form!!!). By nibbling all morning I can usually keep it at bay until midday, but then it’s there for most of the rest of the day and night.

Foods that help: fruit (especially oranges, pineapple, yum!). Some spicy or flavourful foods: sharp cheddar cheese spread, pickles or olives with cheese and crackers, stuff like that. Fat often helps, though it’s not supposed to – things like samosas sure taste great (oh yum … hot and greasy with tamarind sauce!). When I get home from work I usually have a big glass of mango/tangerine juice with sparkling water, which calms my stomach.

What doesn’t help: eggs; brassica vegetables (broccoli, puke-o; cabbage; must stop this list!!); tomato-ey things, like chana masala, usually a favourite.

In general, when I feel awful, I know I need to put something in me and then things improve. Generally. So just keep eating.

I’m hoping that as I enter the 2nd trimester (coming up soon! 11 1/2 weeks so far) this will fade. That would be lovely …

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